Scientists Second.
Parents First.

We are a team of biologists, microbiologists, computer scientists, AI
experts, nutrition scientists, skin specialists, and researchers who
wanted to pool our talents to make a difference in the lives of
children around the world. Yes, we hold an impressive collection of
credentials, but first, we are parents - like you. We all want what’s
best for our kids and when it came to
allergies, we knew there had to be a better way...


I’ve seen firsthand the impact of allergies on the whole family. The anxiety, the stress, the sense of helplessness parents feel when they can’t keep their kids safe.

Dr. Michael Brandwein


Taking the guesswork
out of allergy care

The science of allergy prevention already exists, but many
don’t know it’s there. Our goal was to translate scientific
knowledge into an easy-to-understand, personalized, and
affordable plan that any parent can follow to keep their
children safe.

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