Frequently Asked Questions

NURTURE is a tool that can painlessly and quickly identify infants at risk of developing allergic conditions. For those who are found to be at risk, Nurture offers a protection plan that parents can join to receive tailored information, guidance, and products to help them protect their babies from allergies.

The Nurture skin-test is fast, non-invasive, and completely pain-free for your baby.

NURTURE's recommendations are safe for your baby and easy for parentsto implement. The program is based on the latest research in the field of allergies and has been translated into a format that’s easy for parents to follow. Unlike other products and services designed to help parents introduce allergens, Nurture follows exact recommendations for the early introduction of allergens from the American Academy of Pediatricians, the National Institute of Health, and 23 other professional organizations. While extremely rare, your infant may develop an allergic reaction when introducing an allergen into his/her diet.

If your baby has an allergic condition you should contact your healthcare provider.

The web is full of conflicting information, so much so that it’s hard to know what advice to follow and what to reject. Nurture gives you targeted recommendations and information, backed by the latest science, and based on your baby’s specific needs. This means you’ll know exactly what to do without confusion or fear of doing the wrong thing.

The leading health organizations mentioned above all recommend that allergens should be introduced in a regulated way using regular foods. Using natural foods, as opposed to processed products, is healthier and gives you more control over what you feed your child. We provide age-appropriate recipes that give you a tasty and structured way to safely introduce allergens with real food products that you can buy at any store or supermarket. All our recommendations and recipes are based on the guidelines of leading health organizations such as the American Academyof Pediatricians and several others (see above). As part of the Nurture plan, we also send you our specially-formulated peanut snack which is organic and contains no artificial ingredients.

Once a child has developed an allergy, it is too late for preventative measures. That’s what’s unique about the Nurture program. We followed the latest scientific research to create a program that’s designed to help prevent allergies before they happen. Science dictates that the window of opportunity to carry out preventative measures is very short and hence we start infants on the program as early as possible - ideally, in the first days and weeks of life.

As mentioned above, it’s best to start any preventive interventions as early as possible. Some of the interventions can start as early as in the first days of your baby’s life while others can start at 6 months. The benefit of the Nurture program is that we will guide you as to exactly what to do when to get the best results for your baby.

Just fill out our simple questionnaire which asks for some basic background information and we’ll get in touch and let you know which healthcare providers in your area offer the Nurture protection plan.

Interventions to avoid allergic conditions are effective in the first year of your child’s life.

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